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I like to judge more than actually post.

2008-07-16 21:21:31 by LoveDDR

I love to be impressed with people's originals ideas. I do not steal any work, nor call it my own on other pages. I come here to enjoy my time off with some good flash animations. I am hoping to some day contribute some of my own work, but unfortunately i am missing the right programs -_-'. So, as long as i am not contributing my own work i am hoping that my reviews will help others improve in any way.


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2008-07-17 22:50:34

Why don't you just get a Flash 8 free trial? I can give some special info about Flash 8 if you PM me. NICE PICTURE IT'S AT A GOOD ANGLE!XD


2008-07-18 00:10:21

Hey, haven't talked to you in a while.

How's it going?


2008-07-28 15:07:56

Free trial means 30 days. You can download the Flash 8 pro trial version from 7/06/first-steps-of-flash-futuresplas h.html then enter this serial number to convert it to an unrestricted version: WPD800-52830-64832-84599
If you want Photoshop CS3 Extended, download the trial from the Adobe site then send me a PM.
You might need Audacity, you can find where to download it from with a google search.


2008-08-03 15:29:30

Yeah she doesn't care anymore. Shes dealing with the real world now.

LoveDDR responds:

MEAN!!! you cant blame me for being busy.
im on when i can. specially now that i just got some new wheels. got to work to pay them off.
im exited too. im about to begin my 3rd semester in college. ^_^ im hoping to take 18 units this time.


2008-08-11 17:49:39

Whats a unit? Is it classes? My sister is going to college this upcoming Monday.
Oh yeah, I'm not blamming you I'm just saying you don't want to talk to them. Besides you didn't even respond to there comment, just mine.

LoveDDR responds:

its the pnts ur class are worth. im taking 2 classes worth 5 point and 2 worth 4 pnts.


2008-08-20 21:13:09

Howz it goin paaaal?

LoveDDR responds:

I am doing fantastic :D
Lack sleep though. Too many hours playing halo.


2008-08-23 18:33:36

hmmm i dont get a car until i pass university =(

LoveDDR responds:

I was forced to get one. If i didn't there was no way i could get to college. I live 15-18 miles away. Im too lazy to walk or run tat much and to top it all off where i live no bus passes. Its not all that great with a car. Parents make you be their taxi 24/7, gas is expensive along with car payment, insurance and Maintenance -_-'


2008-08-25 17:32:17

Well, you're doing better than me.. I only got around 40 reviews and have already been banned once.. Have a strawberry


2008-08-25 19:28:48

THat is great awesome thanks for the post LoveDDR


2008-08-26 18:29:37

thanks for tha review


2008-08-27 12:08:32

Thats good to hear that you want to contribute to Ng and Help out people as much as you can, :P oh yeah also thanks for commenting on my Laguna PIc :P (I still this Laguna is the best so ha) anyways if you do contribute an animation to NG good luck with it :D


2008-08-31 04:35:55

I love you.


LoveDDR responds:

Thanx :D, but sry im a vegetarian.


2008-09-01 16:56:05

You have great tits bitch .l.

LoveDDR responds:

thanks u cunt


2008-09-18 18:15:18

Hey, Love DDR I miss talking to you! How about we PM each other like we use to do in the summer......ummm I guess on the weekends?
Or whenever you get a chance! :)

LoveDDR responds:

sup dude. PM me when ever dude. u know that when i can i reply


2008-09-21 20:52:38

Smidly what is that? Lyrics to a song? Don't leave spam....unless you know of CopyandPaste before his account got deleted. I did, but I haven't heard of him since.

LoveDDR what are you trying to be as your career?

LoveDDR responds:

dont laugh
i want to be a sue-chef


2008-10-10 07:09:52


LoveDDR responds:

sup.. im on my way to check out any of ur submissions hehe


2008-10-20 20:48:23

your one of the good ones


2008-10-21 19:20:47

Whats a sue-chef? Hows college? School is horrible I just got my report card! :(


2008-11-01 00:27:02

I really think it's time to make a new post don't ya think? XD

LoveDDR responds:

awwXD u lil f***er


2008-11-01 15:58:28



2008-11-02 18:11:27

your the only chick i know that plays halo!!! oh and thanks to thracian for the code yay!

LoveDDR responds:

no prob