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By request of making a new post. i copied and pasted an old one

2009-03-29 02:39:40 by LoveDDR

I love to be impressed with people's originals ideas. I do not steal any work, nor call it my own on other pages. I come here to enjoy my time off with some good flash animations. I am hoping to some day contribute some of my own work, but unfortunately i am missing the right programs -_-'. So, as long as i am not contributing my own work i am hoping that my reviews will help others improve in any way.


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2009-03-29 02:42:19

wow thats hawt, copies of things turn me on. jk well me, its nice talking to myself, a credit to dementia

LoveDDR responds:

thats coo
nice talkin to urself ^_^


2009-03-29 06:55:57

eat jumping oysters

LoveDDR responds:

that sounds nasty


2009-04-01 21:05:43

Congrats on somewhat new post! Newgrounds is all jacked up now...well that's what I think. I couldn't even post in the forums, and somehow my post on my userpage was edited somehow.

LoveDDR responds:

u sure no one is using ur screen name thingie?
who knows someone might be on to ur password..


2009-04-07 23:20:00

I've read up on a couple of your reviews, but I'm not sure how they'd help aspiring artists out. Here, this reviewing blog should help ya out, though it can be a lil' boring, so put on ur fav music and read dat sht :) st/293588

LoveDDR responds:

but im only reviewing the area that should be improved i dont believe they need to be told about their strong area.


2009-04-09 21:29:34

It always helps to make em feel special :P

LoveDDR responds:

i guess so.


2009-04-25 22:39:57

Check out userpage!


2009-05-10 20:25:56

You make me feel special inside. Well I'm finally working on another RCR Parody!

LoveDDR responds:

more fighting
you violent you
but hey
its ok
im so too


2009-05-11 20:21:54

Everyone has a wild side I guess. Trying to get in the Notepad collab in the art section in the forums, check it out my drawings on page 14! (I post 2)


2009-05-12 21:07:41

I'm in the Notepad collab! My art (my bad) is on page 11


2009-06-04 17:33:43

Your reviews are horrible! I'm not sure how the words "bull shit" could possibly "help others" improve.